Color Selections


The color range is very diverse, I use a powder coating. We found the candy colors work super well and show a strong metallic addition. However, the opaques are equally as good, easier to replicate specific colors, can be thicker, and just as durable. Some may find the 9,000+ colors available overwhelming.

Adding a sparkle effect to most colors is not a problem to do.

*Some* Colors I currently have available is (more can be found on Prismatic Powders website):

  • Candy Apple Red
  • Candy Lime Green
  • Candy Emerald Green
  • Candy Blue
  • Candy Purple
  • Candy Raspberry
  • Candy Orange
  • Candy Teal
  • Deep Cobalt
  • Booty Blue
  • Pleeka Blue
  • PRISMATIC UNIVERSE (opaque holographic powder)
  • Dirty Magic (holo)
  • Mermaid Candy (holo)
  • Cosmic Pretty Pink (opaque)
  • Cosmic Navy Blue
  • Cosmic Super Turf
  • Orchid Lavendar (opaque)
  • Pearl Pink (opaque)
  • Pearl White (opaque)
  • Almond White
  • Chevy Pink (opaque)
  • RAL 6021 Pale Green (opaque)
  • RAL 6027 Soft Robins Egg Blue (opaque)
  • RAL 5014 pigeon blue (opaque)
  • RAL 6034 Sea Foam Green (Tiffany blue) (opaque)
  • Saffron Yellow (opaque)
  • Dark Teal (opaque)
  • Alabama Crimson Tide Red (opaque)
  • Peach Ice Cream (opaque)
  • Mavericks Dark Blue (opaque)
  • Misty Emerald (opaque)
  • Misty Midnight (opaque)
  • Misty Lilac (opaque)
  • Classy Dark Green (opaque)
  • Tropical Breeze (opaque)
  • Harley Burgundy (opaque)
  • Harley Black (opaque)
  • Sunshine (Susuki) Yellow (opaque)
  • Passion Red (Coca-Cola red) (opaque)
  • Eggplant (opaque)
  • Troll Blue (opaque)
  • Powder Blue (opaque)
  • 911 Blue
  • Moonlight Teal
  • Southwest Blue
  • Spanish Gold
  • Pink Chalk
  • Highlight Blue
  • Gloss Black
  • Stone Black (flat)
  • Gloss White
  • Fractured Illusion Violet
  • Fractured Illusion Apple
  • (Illusion Series needs a top coat, so matte, glossy etc is best)
  • Illusion Orange
  • Illusion Malbec
  • Illusion Red
  • Illusion Tropical Fusion
  • Illusion Sour Apple
  • Illusion Smurf
  • Illusion Purple
  • Illusion Violet
  • Illusion Raspberry
  • Illusion Ice
  • Illusion Midnight
  • Illusion Pacific
  • Illusion Tangerine Twist
  • Casper Clear (makes most any color matte)
  • Clear Starlight (Adds a sparkle effect to most colors) (glossy)
  • Chameleon Teal (Adds a sparkle effect to most colors) (glossy)
  • Chameleon Cherry Violet (Adds a sparkle effect to most colors) (glossy)
  • Glowbee Clear (a pseudo-glow in the dark on SOME colors) (glossy)
  • Baby Rockstar Sparkle
  • Alsea Gold/Silver
  • Hydra Sparkle

Sour Apple Green and Grape Starburst

Color selection can be one color, two colors, or more.  The two colors can be Color A on one side and Color B on the other,  Color A on the inside plate, and Color B on the outside plate or some combo you desire.

Many other colors are available, and many more are non-candy colors. Candy colors are clear coats with a hint of dye, which shows the metallic base of the pasta machine; the non-candy colors will not have the metallic base visible and may appear flat, matte, or less glossy.  For example, if you want a specific color or a color that I have not listed or anything else, then please send me a message, and I will see what I can find and what is available!  We are always looking to add more colors.

Rainbow powder coating!!
Black powder coating, Atlas 150.
Candy Teal (Left), Candy Raspberry (Right)

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