Color Selections


The color range is very diverse, I use a powder coating. We found the candy colors work super well and show a strong metallic addition. However, the opaques are equally as good, easier to replicate specific colors, can be thicker, and just as durable. Some may find the 9,000+ colors available overwhelming.

Adding a sparkle effect to most colors is not a problem to do.

*Some* Colors I currently have available is (more can be found on Prismatic Powders website):

  • Candy Apple Red
  • Candy Lime Green
  • Candy Emerald Green
  • Candy Blue
  • Candy Purple
  • Candy Raspberry
  • Candy Orange
  • Candy Teal
  • PRISMATIC UNIVERSE (opaque holographic powder)
  • Cosmic Pretty Pink (opaque)
  • Orchid Lavendar (opaque)
  • Pearl Pink (opaque)
  • Pearl White (opaque)
  • Chevy Pink (opaque)
  • Wet Copper Lipstick (opaque)
  • RAL 6021 Pale Green (opaque)
  • RAL 6027 Soft Robins Egg Blue (opaque)
  • RAL 5014 pigeon blue (opaque)
  • RAL 6034 Sea Foam Green (Tiffany blue) (opaque)
  • Saffron Yellow (opaque)
  • Dark Teal (opaque)
  • Alabama Crimson Tide Red (opaque)
  • Peach Ice Cream (opaque)
  • Mavericks Dark Blue (opaque)
  • Misty Emerald (opaque)
  • Misty Midnight (opaque)
  • Misty Lilac (opaque)
  • Classy Dark Green (opaque)
  • Tropical Breeze (opaque)
  • Harley Burgundy (opaque)
  • Harley Black (opaque)
  • Sunshine (Susuki) Yellow (opaque)
  • Passion Red (Coca-Cola red) (opaque)
  • Eggplant (opaque)
  • Troll Blue (opaque)
  • Powder Blue (opaque)
  • Gloss Black
  • Stone Black (flat)
  • Gloss White
  • Frozen White (matte)
  • (Illusion Series needs a top coat, so matte, glossy etc is best)
  • Illusion Orange
  • Illusion Malbec
  • Illusion Red
  • Illusion Tropical Fusion
  • Illusion Sour Apple
  • Casper Clear (makes most any color matte)
  • Clear Starlight (Adds a sparkle effect to most colors) (glossy)
  • Chameleon Teal (Adds a sparkle effect to most colors) (glossy)
  • Chameleon Cherry Violet (Adds a sparkle effect to most colors) (glossy)
  • Glowbee Clear (a pesudo-glow in the dark on SOME colors) (glossy)
  • Sour Apple Starburst
  • Raspberry Starburst
  • Blueberry Starburst
  • Cherry Starburst
  • Grape Starburst
  • Acai Starburst
  • Emerald Starburst

Sour Apple Green and Grape Starburst

Color selection can be one color, two colors, or more.  The two colors can be Color A on one side and Color B on the other,  Color A on the inside plate, and Color B on the outside plate or some combo that you desire.

Many other colors are available and many more are non-candy colors. Candy colors are clear coats with a hint of dye which shows the metallic base of the pasta machine, the non-candy colors will not have the metallic base visible and may appear flat, matte, or less glossy.  For example, if you are wanting a specific color or a color that I have not listed or anything else then please send me a message and I will see what I can find and what is available!  We are always looking to add more colors.

Rainbow powder coating!!
Black powder coating, Atlas 150.
Candy Teal (Left), Candy Raspberry (Right)


  • Ada zambotti

    Hello Ed I am wanting to buy one of your pasta machines the 180 in a two toned in the colours of sour green and grape star dust but I cannot find your shop link to buy please help.

    I have sent you a couple of emails without any response so far you must be busy.

    Thank you Ada

  • linda hess

    I would like to order one of your gorgeous pasta machines. Purple is my first choice…love it with the green as pictured! Are all of your machines Monafied? And what is the cost of your machines? Thank you

  • Glenda Rednock

    Paula Epperly highly recommended this machine to me! I was excited to find this place on the internet. I really like the rainbow powder coating.

  • Donna Martens

    I am ready to order a 150 Atlas pasta machine, would like grape stardust and candy teal. Power coated and modified for easy cleaning. Give me a note when you get time. Thank you, Donna

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